Speed Test results on Cloudrino Server

Recently I moved a few sites to Cloudrino to test it out in terms of performance, but it turned out that somehow I was not allocated the network I/O as advertised, but after contacting support, things went well. Though I ran speedtest across multiple servers to find out if there’s still an issue, listed below are the speedtest results, though in short, the network speed of Cloudrino is not good enough, the uplink speed is less than 50Mbps which is half of what they say they provide and thats what is needed to serve the sites.
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Issues with Slack? Use IRC instead

Slack, even though quite useful, usually keep having problems of its own. Sometimes you can’t even open the app. Also it consumes a lot of CPU resources draining down the battery to say the least, but not anymore. They already are providing way to use custom gateways, jabber(XMPP) and IRC. Continue reading “Issues with Slack? Use IRC instead”

Page specific templates for Custom Post Types

By default WordPress allows us to use page specific templates by having files like

page-contact.php (page slug specific)

page-10.php (page ID specific)

but when it comes to custom post types, we’re left with no option but to use same template for all the custom posts of that custom post type.
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